New year, new stationery

New year, new stationery

As a writer, new stationery is always welcome.

As much as possible, I like to buy sustainable stationery, dairies and notebooks that either support charities, local artisans or are eco-friendly and Fairtrade. Surprisingly, this is often inexpensive and can be much better value than buying mainstream.

Living vibrantly calendar

This year, I decided to kick-start the year with a beautifully painted calendar by Bristol-based artist, Fleur Barnfather. Each month comes with a stunning copy of one of Fleur’s paintings, an inspirational poem by Fleur and a short quote. I felt that the year needed something positive and that there’s no better time than a pandemic to surround ourselves by lovely things.

Inspiration for writers and artists

Creative inspiration comes in many ways and taking a look at Fleur’s painting before writing is like a mini meditation that helps me get into flow.

Supporting charities

My other ‘bright’ purchase for 2021 is my diary. Yep, I still use a pen and paper and I love it! As someone who likes to see the whole picture, I find it hard to use a digital diary. I like to physically flick through the pages, see what’s ahead or go back to check things, all of which I find that so much easier in a paper diary. Plus, it’s so much nicer to look at and avoids eye strain in a time when a lot of us are spending more time on screen than normal.

I buy my diary from my local Cancer Research charity shop. It’s just the right size to carry around, looks great and reminds of a really important cause every time I see it.

Every year I but my diary from Cancer Research UK – a bargain at £2.99

Sustainable, practical and inspiring

Another one of my favourite purchases is the Silvine Marlene West collection. Silvine are made in the UK from sustainable sources and are always practical and great value. The blue one you see in the photo below is one which I am using to write the first draft notes of my novel. The decorated ones are the Marlene West range.

Notebooks silvine
The Marlene West Collection on the left

I just love the Marlene West collection as they look so beautiful for writing in and yet, are so practical. You can buy these in a local stationery shop or in a local post office, meaning you get to support a UK based business and local shops at the same time. As an added bonus, Silvine is also supporting mental health charity SANE,

All time favourite

One of my all time favourites for stationery is Paper High.

Fairtrade, eco-friendly notebooks made from recycled saris and elephant dung in India, Sri Lanka and Nepal, I first asked for one of these as a birthday present. After receiving mine and being so pleased with it, I have since sent them to friends as presents. During lockdown, this company was so efficient – I ordered a notebook as a last minute gift, then went back to add something to my order and it still all arrived in perfect time for a special birthday.

Gifts for writers
Paper High sari notebooks make lovely gifts for stationery lovers
Gifts for stationery lovers

Happy new writing year!

So, happy new writing year! Why not write well, choose wisely and support a good cause?

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