Meet the writer

Meet the writer

Welcome to Travel Write Change!

Hola! I’m Rebecca

Originally from Bristol in the UK, I moved to Cádiz, SW Spain in the year 2000 after spending four years in Santander.

About me

I had studied Literature and Spanish with the idea of travelling and, one day, becoming a writer. My first year in Spain was as a language assistant on the east coast as part of my degree. I loved it so much that after finishing my studies, I got a job in the north of Spain and set off with the idea of staying for five years to perfect my Spanish. One thing led to another and, in September 2000, I found myself preparing to move from one end of Spain to the other. Andalucia was was a whole new adventure.

The pages keep turning

In 2010 my career in bilingual teaching started to move in a different direction. Whilst working full time, I had also been delivering training in my field for educational publishers and organisations as a freelancer. Thanks to these connections with publishers, I was offered a role as an editor, proof reader and collaborative writer on a large EU funded project. In turn, this gave me the chance to take some time out from teaching to travel to India. During my travels, I wrote my first blog to keep in touch with family and friends .

On returning from India, I trained as a coach and later began attending creative writing classes and groups. These classes helped me experiment with different ideas and approaches as a storyteller. Encouraged by the benefits of my own writing practices (I have always used writing as a tool for reflection and learning), I decided to combine creative writing with coaching techniques. This led me to deliver my first Writing for Wellbeing courses as a volunteer writing coach with a counselling agency.

Since then, I have delivered various writing workshops and courses. And, yes, I am working on a novel (somewhat sporadically and slowly) and an idea for a travel story is brewing.

One last thing….

Writing a blog is an adventure in itself. I’m learning along the way; constantly sharpening the saw (or the pencil in this case) to implement both the technical side of blogging with the art and craft of writing.

As you might have guessed, a lot of DIY goes on around this blog. To help me with this, I’m following a great course on Udemy but, I would especially like to thank David Pottrell at Nebula Design. David has saved my virtual life more than once. His support, skill and never-ending patience with my questions about websites and all the tech stuff is invaluable. And, he has the most amazing knack of explaining technical things in a way that makes them seem so simple.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog. Feel free to connect on LinkedIn or check out my Writing Courses & Workshops.

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I’m a member of the National Association of Writers in Education and an Associate Writing Producer with the writing incubator, Paper Nations.

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