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Hola and Welcome to Travel Write Change!


Thank you for joining me on this adventure. This started out as a travel blog about living and working in Spain. However, it quickly developed a life of its own and became more about people, journeys and experiences than travel itself.

I knew I didn’t want to write about how to get from the town centre to the zoo as you can get that sort of information in many wonderful guides and blogs. Instead, I want to share the impressions and insights different places, people and encounters have on me.

Of course, this was difficult to put into a niche or make tangible. For a long time I worried about this. How would people know what my blog was about if I couldn’t describe it? How on earth could I categorise experiences?

Then I realised that it was the intangible that makes us connect. The stories, the feelings and the emotions. So, I stopped worrying about it and just trusted that the people who are interested in reading it will find it.

My posts are influenced by my adventures living, working and, of course, eating and drinking in Spain and a desire to share experiences with warm-hearted adventurers.

You will probably want to move on quickly if facts, figures, bus and train times are what you are looking for. If you are looking for warmth, kindness and positivity, I hope you’ll find it here.

You can check out the LinkedIn link below if you want to find out more about the ‘tangible’ me. There you’ll find the hard core practical stuff. The qualifications, the jobs and responsibilities.

If you are happy to use your own insights, intuition and sense of connection, go ahead and read the blog posts. I’m sure you’ll discover much more there.

Hasta pronto!   See you anon!

Rebecca x





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