Meet the Writer

Meet the Writer


Welcome to Travel Write Change and this little corner of the world wide writing space!

I’m Rebecca and I’m a writer, retreat planner and qualified coach working in a stunning corner of Andalusia in south west Spain.

Originally from Bristol in the UK, I’ve lived and worked in Spain on and off since 1993 gaining a wide range of experience as an educator, trainer, coach and non-fiction writer.

Writing retreats in Spain

In 2013 after qualifying as a personal performance coach, I discussed the idea of running coaching retreats in Spain with my UK based coach.  She loved the idea and asked if I’d be interested in organising a writing retreat for her and her clients. As an avid scribbler, surrounded by books and notebooks, with a childhood desire to write stories (from an attic with views of the countryside), I was thrilled to be asked.

We got together and came up with our first retreat which we ran in the beautiful Andalusian mountain village where I was living at the time. It went well and the guests loved the space and energy of the area as much as I do.

Before I knew it, a new adventure had begun. For the next five years we held an annual writing retreat in Spain, bringing small groups of clients from the UK to spend time writing in beautiful surroundings. I am forever grateful to the guests who came for sharing their creativity, their insights, and their ups and downs as writers whilst allowing me to learn so much about hosting. Many of them went on to publish their books and some are in the process of writing the next one!

Creative writing for wellbeing

In 2018 I spent some time in the UK volunteering at a counselling agency where I was designing and delivering Creative Writing for Wellbeing courses. I blended coaching techniques with writing prompts and was amazed at the response. Writing seems to work a kind of magic. I can’t explain how. I’m not even sure what happens but this type of writing seems to override the ‘chatter’ and tap into an intuitive space, drawing out ideas and insights that we didn’t even know were there.

Before long, South Gloucestershire Council asked me to write and deliver 10-week Writing for Wellbeing courses as part of the wellbeing curriculum for the Community Learning and Skills Service. Something happened that I hadn’t expected; the participants gained an innate confidence in their writing voice. Some of them went onto to further studies, to join writing groups and to win writing competitions. It was wonderful!

Mindfulness and creative writing

Shortly afterwards I teamed up with my colleague, friend and Mindfulness practitioner, Suzanne Lloyd, to deliver a Mindfulness and Creative Writing workshop for emerging writers. Adding Mindfulness to the mix enabled participants to get into flow quickly. Working with Suzanne was enlightening and we had many inspiring conversations, chatting our way around creativity and growth, weaving together new combinations as part of the process.

Then in 2020, I was commissioned by the writing incubator, Paper Nations, at Bath Spa University to deliver workshops to writers in isolation during the pandemic. Through this opportunity I met wonderful writers from different genres and adapted the techniques I’d been using on previous courses to the group. Again, the effect was uplifting; experienced writers were discovering things about themselves and their writing process that they had not been consciously aware of. They were rediscovering their writing journey.

Write with me

In February 2023, when I was struggling to keep focused on my novel in progress, I invited the participants of the Creative Writing and Mindfulness workshop to a weekly writing hour. Since then we have been meeting regularly online to write. For 90 minutes each week we encourage each other to write, keep ourselves accountable, share stories and information, celebrate our wins and look for the learning points when things aren’t going as we hoped.

An unexpected writing retreat in Italy

Then, whilst travelling in Italy in September 2023, a moment of intuition (brought on through writing) led me to contact short story writer Catherine McNamara. Three days later, I found myself on a 1-1 writing retreat at her home in the Euganean Hills. Catherine looked after me beautifully and I was able to fully appreciate the role of a host who empowers you to focus on your writing. Catherine not only inspired me to write but she also reignited my desire to hold the space for other writers.  

In Andalusia

Back in southern Spain and working at an award winning yoga retreat, I am now aligning my experience and energy with my desire to create the ideal space for writers to enjoy some focused writing time in a beautiful environment.

I hope to see you there.

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