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Meet the writer

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Rebecca is writer, teacher and coach. She creates educational content and delivers writing workshops.

Rebecca uses a wide range of techniques not just to inspire you, but to draw out ideas, thoughts and ways of working that you didn’t know you could do. This boosted our confidence.

Her activities meant that not only can you make writing a priority but also you feel that you can do it.

Claire Jaggard, Winner of the Stroud Short Story Competition 2021

Originally from Bristol in the UK, she moved to Spain in 1995 after graduating in Literature and Spanish with the idea of staying for five years to perfect her Spanish language skills.

I was extremely fortunate to first meet Rebecca on a writing retreat in Spain several years ago which she was co-hosting. Being a newcomer to writing I found it difficult to find my voice and writing style initially but Rebecca had an instant empathy for the book I was attempting to write and the style in which it would need to be delivered to the reader.

Using her experience, wisdom and guiding hand Rebecca has gone on to mentor me along this writing journey. Her support and honest feedback have allowed me to find the emotional content that I needed to portray throughout the chapters. Working along side Rebecca has been a great privilege and I am extremely grateful that our paths crossed.

Catherine Haken, Communications Director Odelle Technology

Five years flew by and before she knew it, she was moving from Santander in the north to Andalusia in the south west. On the Costa de La Luz in the province of Cádiz, she began coaching in education and working with educational publishers. She wrote her first blog in 2010 to keep in touch with friends and family when she travelled to India for 75 days.

Her emotional intelligence makes her a very special educator given that she knows how to listen and how to get the best out of her students’ talents through collaborative group work. She gives 100% to the projects she works on and knows how to use her talent and creativity in order to achieve the objectives set.

Maria Jose Gago Benitez, Deputy Director and Linguistic Consultant, Centro de Educación para Profesores, Junta de Andalucía, Villamartín, Cádiz, Spain

In 2014, she moved from the coast to the mountains where she began organising writing retreats for a UK client before going on to run her own workshops. Created through a combination of creative writing and coaching techniques, her workshops attract people who, like herself, write non-fiction for work purposes and are keen to transfer their skills to the field of creative writing. As well as her own workshops, Rebecca collaborates with Mindfulness practitioner, Suzanne Lloyd from Red Berry Mindfulness to deliver creative sessions with guided meditation.

“A really enjoyable day – I came away with loads of ideas, not only on writing but about myself as a creative person. The combination of Mindfulness practices and writing exercises was really powerful.”

Hilary Smith, educator and author of Relationship-based Pedagogy in Primary Schools (published by Routledge); participant on the ‘Awaken The Writer in You’ workshop

Rebecca is writing a novel based in South Devon in the UK. She loves spending time there and says as long as the scone is homemade, she has no preference over jam or cream on first. 🙂

To work with her, feel free to connect on LinkedIn or check out her Writing Courses & Workshops.

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Rebecca is a member of the National Association of Writers in Education and an Associate Writing Producer with the writing incubator, Paper Nations.

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