Meet the writer

Meet the writer

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I’m Rebecca and I write mainly about writing, the South West of Spain (La Sierra de Cádiz and the Costa de la Luz) and occasionally about the West Country in the UK.

A long time ago I studied Literature and Spanish at university and then moved to Spain. Whilst I became fluent in Spanish and developed a love for Spanish people, landscapes, food and wine, I still have a lot of reading to do. Fortunately, as a ratón de libros (bookworm), I never tire of this. I like to read my way around the world and I love recommendations for authors I have not yet come across. I enjoy learning about places and events through novels and reading books by writers who weave time, place and culture into their stories.

Over the years, I have taught my way across Spain in various different settings and freelanced as a speaker and author for educational publishers. Teaching writing skills has always been one of my main areas of interest in my work and I now combine my skills and training to create and deliver courses and workshops that synthesise coaching and creative writing.

I am currently working on my own novel and I am forever grateful for the help, inspiration and support I receive from my writing groups and I hope it’s reciprocal.

If you’d like to work with me, advertise on the blog or find out more about my work stuff and credentials, please feel free to connect on LinkedIn.

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