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Hola! Welcome to my blog about life in the province of Cádiz in SW Spain, writing and personal development.

I’ve created this blog so that you can find out more about the province of Cádiz from an insider point of view. I moved to Spain in 1995 with the idea of spending five years there to perfect my Spanish. One thing led to another and I ended up moving from the north of Spain right down to the south in 2000.  Working and living in the region of Cádiz was a great experience and I began running writing retreats there in 2013.

Everything I write about has been tried and tested, usually more than once, so you get a flavour of the real thing and information you can rely on.

Nowadays, you’ll find me somewhere in the South West, either Cádiz or Bristol. When I’m not writing, teaching or coaching, I’m enjoying a food experience, fresh air or learning new things about writing and the effect it has on our wellbeing.

In Spain, I’m either researching for this blog (which involves exploring, eating and the occasional glass of wine) or running a writing retreat. In Bristol, I run workshops, where you can learn how to use writing as a tool for wellbeing and personal development, and Spanish courses which are ideal for people who travel regularly to Spain.

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For more information about retreats for writers in the Andalusian mountains, please email me.

Hasta pronto!   See you anon!

Rebecca x



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