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Hola and Welcome to Travel Write Change!

On this blog, you’ll find a mixture of posts about the south west of Spain and the south west of Britain. If you are travelling to Spain or living there, I hope you’ll discover some useful information about places to visit along with some cultural insights, great places to eat and what to choose from the menu. If you are travelling to the South West, U.K., or you live there, you might find some of the posts handy, especially if you are a foodie and care about what you eat and where your food comes from.

Curiously, thanks to the maritime history of both areas, they are connected in various ways including the production and drinking, of course, of sherry. There are some themes that link both for me, the main one being food, followed by independent businesses with naturally-made or hand-crafted products, retreats and places to stay.

Hello! I’m Rebecca – freelance writer and language teacher. Although I’m originally from Bristol, U.K., where I currently live, I spent nearly half my life (so far) in Spain. Here I am in the Sierra de Cadiz in the Andalusian mountains..

I love learning so you might also find me sharing posts about things I’ve learnt.

After 18 years living, teaching and coaching in different parts of Spain, my Spanish partner and I decided to spend some time in the U.K. At the end of December 2014, we packed up my Toyota Yaris and drove the 2,440 km (1,520 miles) from Chipiona in south west Spain to Bristol the gateway to the south west of England.

I thought we would last about three months in Britain as I imagined that Benjamin, born and bred in the province of Cadiz, would hate the British winter and would long for the sunny skies of Andalusia. How wrong could I have been? It turned out to be a cold, but sunny winter with more blue sky than I can ever recall at that time of year while growing up on this island. And, then on top of that, Benjamin fell in love with Bristol.

We chose Bristol as it was my home town, not too big and, we felt, vaguely similar to Seville. However, it turns out that Bristol has grown massively since I first left home to work in Devon in 1990. It’s dynamic, quite a hub of a place to be and was recently voted one of the best places to live in the U.K.

Nearly three years later we are still in England. We go back to Spain a lot to visit family and friends and occasionally spend a couple of months there. In September I co-run an annual writing retreat with Librotas where we get to spend some time in Benaocaz, one of my favourite places in Cadiz.

People often tell me they would love to learn Spanish.  As a result, I now teach Spanish as well as English, which keeps me in touch with the language. We also speak it at home, wherever that happens to be.

During my time in different places I have met some amazing people who don’t always realise the incredible things they are doing, so I sometimes like to write about them too.  I love to write about places, products and people who create positive change.

I’m happy to accept guest posts or to review a product if it is relevant to my blog. If you have a small business that would benefit from being on my blog, then please contact me via one of the sources below.

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Hasta pronto!   See you anon!

Rebecca x

Annual writing retreat in Cadiz, Andalucia

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