Coaching and Content Writing

Coaching and Content Writing

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Content Writer – Spanish products, travel and wellbeing

Do you need a writer that can tell your clients just how amazing your Spanish food or drink products are? Or perhaps you are looking for more clients to fill places in the accommodation you offer, adventure trips or retreats you run in Spain?
Maybe you need someone to
  • tell potential customers how magical the destination is
  • make your client’s mouth water in anticipation of their Spanish food experience
  • let the reader’s imagination run riot with descriptions of the magnificent landscapes
  • inspire people to visit festivals and cultural events
  • explain how they can get the best from their trip and give them tips and advice
  • or evoke those wonderful memories of their Spanish holiday meaning that they come rushing to you to eat your tapas or buy the ingredients to make their own?
Eighteen years living and working in Spain, combined with a love of the country, its people and the amazing opportunities Spain has to offer as a tourist and foodie destination, allow me to create written content from an insider point of view, giving the reader insights and potential experiences that they might not otherwise discover.  Providing added value to your customers means they can’t wait to come back to you for more.
If you sell Spanish products or services and you are looking for a writer who loves what you do as much as you do, contact me now.



Spanish Language Coaching

Would you like to be able to communicate better when you travel to Spain? Maybe you own a home, visit family regularly or run a business in Spain?

Whatever your situation is, learn to say ‘hablo español´ with confidence!

  • practical and functional Spanish classes for people who travel regularly to Spain
  • Spanish GCSE & A Level revision,  preparation for DELE examinations
  • online classes also available via Skype or similar

The lessons she had from you were fantastic and gave her so much more confidence. You were brilliant! She certainly is a fan of yours :).  My daughter found you a very ‘inspirational’ tutor“. Linda Swan

Coaching for Writers

Do you have a desire to write but you aren’t sure how to go about it? Maybe you are worried that you aren’t creative enough or that people already know what you are going to write about and therefore won’t want to read it?

I’ve always thought I should write a booklet about all the easy self-help health hints and tips that I’ve accumulated over the years in the natural therapy field. I had no idea how to plan this or where to start, just a jumble in my head, until Rebecca sat down with me and we chatted through the ideas. She has a remarkable way of seeing to the heart of the matter with clarity. It was inspiring to see the form of the book taking shape under her guidance.”

Angela Eckles from Light Touch Therapies

If you want to feel more confident about your writing skills in a non-judgemental atmosphere, write to me on the email below.


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