Spanish Language Coaching

Say ‘hola’ with confidence!

  • practical and functional Spanish classes for people who travel regularly to Spain
  • Spanish GCSE revision
  • conversation classes
  • online classes available via Skype

What students say about their lessons

“The lessons she had from you were fantastic and gave her so much more confidence. You were brilliant! She certainly is a fan of yours :).  My daughter found you a very ‘inspirational’ tutor”. Linda Swan

What are the classes like?

Classes are relaxed and enjoyable so that you make progress and feel confident speaking. Language is functional and plenty of practice is involved.

1-1 Online classes

Online language coaching takes place 1-1 via Skype. A typical session takes 55 minutes to an hour.

Skype allows you to participate face-to-face whilst receiving notes and vocabulary in the chat box in real time.

Sessions are based on your needs and we work together to reach your objectives.

For more information

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